Wednesday, August 24, 2011

She's way to old for you Henri!

                                                                Catherine de' Medici
           Ok, so how would you feel if your nineteen year-old husband of five years was in love with woman twice his age!! Catherine de'Medici had to deal with exactly that problem and that problems name was Diane de' Poitiers. Diane de' Poitiers was thirty-eight years old when Henri fell for her.
           The two eldest princes, Fran├žois and Henri, were retained as hostages in Spain in exchange for their father. Because the ransom was not paid in time, the two boys, eight and seven at the time, had to spend nearly four years isolated in a bleak castle, facing an uncertain future. Henri found solace by reading the tale Amadis de Gaula. The experience may account for the strong impression that Diane made on him, as the very embodiment of the ideal gentlewomen he read about in Amadismentor to him and teach him courtly manners. At the tournament held for the coronation of Francis's new wife Eleanor, the dauphin, Fran├žois saluted the new queen as expected, Henri addressed his salute to Diane. Diane and Catherine were actually related to one another, being both descendants of the La Tour d'Auvergne family. Indeed, to Catherine, Diane was an intrusive elder cousin as well as a rival. Diane helped nurse Catherine back to health when she contracted scarlet fever. Diane was in charge of the education of her and Henri's children until 1551;  While Henri and Catherine would eventually have 10 children together, and despite the occasional affair, Diane de Poitiers would remain Henri's lifelong companion, and for the next 25 years she would be the most powerful influence in his life.
Diane de' Poitiers

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tell Me What You Think!

            I am like so curious as to what and who people are interested in so please leave me a comment. If you leave something really interesting I may even do a post over it!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Royal Disease

     Hemophilia is a disease which impairs a body's blood clotting ability. Commonly, it is carried through mothers who do not show any symptoms of the disease making it really hard to detect. Hemophilia became prominent in European royalty due to the Grandmother of Europe, Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria was a silent carrier who passed it on to her son, Leopold and her many daughters who in turn passed it onto many of the Royal families of Russia, Germany, and Spain. 
Photograph of Queen Victoria, 1882     In Russia, Tsarevich Alexei Nicholaevich, son of Nicholas II, was a descendant of Queen Victoria through his mother Empress Alexandra and suffered from hemophilia. It was claimed that Rasputin was successful at treating the Tsarevich's hemophilia. At the time, a common treatment administered by professional doctors was to use aspirin, which worsened rather than lessened the problem. It is believed that, by simply advising against the medical treatment, Rasputin could bring visible and significant improvement to the condition of Alexei.
    In Spain two of Queen Victoria's Great Grandsons died of internal bleeding after separate minor car accidents.


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